5  Self-Care Tips to

Control Your Leaky Bladder



You are hanging out with your girlfriends and someone says something really funny.  You start laughing and dam it! 


You tinkled! 


Even though Urinary Incontinence is very common, we still find it very embarrassing to talk about it.  


There are several types of incontinence, but the three that are most common are:

  • Stress Incontinence-  If you laugh, cough, sneeze, exercise, or lift something heavy, then you will probably tinkle...hopefully only a little. 

  • Urge Incontinence- A sudden urge to pee and no matter how much you try to hold it, the flood gates open before you can make it to the bathroom.

  • Overflow Incontinence-Think of that faucet that constantly has an annoying drip.  Well, you have your own annoying constant drip, because your bladder refuses to empty completely.  

(Before I share my 5 self-care tips, I am not a medical professional this is just advice.  If your weak bladder is keeping you from living your best life, then go see your doctor!)


1 || Pelvic Floor Exercises

Yes, ladies! Our pelvic floor is a muscle and if you want to keep it strong you need to work it!  I found a video on Youtube that does a great job of demonstrating exercises to help strengthen your muscles.


The bonus I like about strengthening our pelvic floor is that it increases sensitivity during sex and stronger orgasms!


Don’t all run to this video at once!


Here is the link:

2 || Quit Smoking

That “Smoker’s cough” could be weakening your bladder by the constant coughing which is putting extra pressure on your bladder.


I know quitting is easier said than done, but your bladder will appreciate if you did.

3 || Losing weight

Being overweight can weaken your bladder due to the pressure of the fatty tissue on the bladder.  


If you think this might be your issue, talk with your doctor. She/He could give some idea of how much weight you would need to lose to remove the pressure off of your bladder.

4 || Cut back on Caffeine

Caffeine doesn’t do your bladder any favors.  It makes your problem worse. If you really want to upset your bladder, drink coffee! 


I suggest switching to decaf or cutting way back on your coffee consumption. 


Some other caffeinated beverages that you might one to limit are:

  • Carbonated beverages

  • Tea

  • Green tea

  • Energy drinks

  • Hot Chocolate

5 || Pee Proof Undies

Before I had my hysterectomy, I had a leaky bladder due to my large fibroids.  I usually wore liners, but one day I was in CVS and saw some panties that were made for leaky bladders.  They were plain beige panties with a “built-in pad”. I was skeptical, but I tried them and to my surprise!


They worked! 


So if you don’t want to wear pads, invest in some pee proof panties.  I recently discovered there are online stores you can buy from and the panties are cuter.  


Now like everything else, the cuter they are the more expensive.  


Your turn- What have you done to control your leaky bladder?

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