The 5Ws for Planning

A Drama Free Girl's Trip 

One of the things I look forward to on The Real Housewives shows are their girl trips.  They visit some amazing places within the United States and abroad.


But, the one thing I hate are the petty arguments they have during their trips.  


I am sure a lot of it is for the camera because I don’t know why you would continue to go on vacation with people you barely like.


This made me think back to Las Vegas!  My 40th birthday was a girls trip!  Overall, the trip was amazing and we created some great memories.  


If I could do it all over again, I would have planned it a little better.  Like the budget and activities I am a planner, but when I go on vacation...not so much.  


I don’t like an itinerary when I’m  on vacation, but I learned on that trip that how you vacation with your family doesn’t necessarily work with your friends.


With that said...girl trips are fun and with a little planning...drama least 98% of the trip.

Let’s be real when women are around each other,too long,there is going to be something petty pop off!


Here are the 4Ws of  planning a drama free girls trip!


1 || Why are you planning this trip?

  • The reason for the trip sets the tone and makes it easier to decide who you want to invite.  

  • Also, decide how big do you want this event to be.  A few close friends or a large group of friends.  

2 || When and Where are you going?

  • Decide the time of year you want to go 

  • Are you staying in the States or leaving the country

  • Choose a place your girls will be excited about.  If you know your friends love the beach, Alaska is probably not going to be received well. Save that trip for you and your Boo.

  • Depending on where you are going, check the weather for that time of year

  • If you are going outside the country, you need to research the threat level. (For example, the Dominican Republic I put on the back burner until they can figure out why Americans are dropping like flies over their)

  • If you are going outside the country, I would plan a year out. This will allow plenty of time to get a passport and save for the trip.

3 || Have a budget

Don’t plan a trip that you can’t even afford.  It’s okay to put money aside. But don’t have the family eating beans and hotdogs because you are trying to use the grocery money to save for a weekend extravaganza with your girls!


  • Reality check- If you are asking friends to take a trip with you, and they have to pay for it.  You need to be realistic with your selection.


A good friend and her husband are celebrating their 50th birthday in Jamaica.  She sent out the invites one year in advance, so people had plenty of time to save and decide if it was something they could do.

4 || Who are you inviting?


  • When I have an event, and it is a large group of women. I purposely make sure that everyone will know someone there instead of just me.  Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way, but most times it does.

  • If you are only inviting a small group, you need to invite people who mesh well.  That is why you need to be clear on the purpose of the trip. If the plan is to be in party mode all weekend, then 

         it’s silly to invite the friend who does not let her 

         hair down and will complain the whole time. 

  • If this is a closed event, and people can’t invite other people.  Put your big girl panties on and make that clear.


5  || What is the Game Plan

If you have planned this trip, then you should have all the information written out and ready to share.  

  • Let people know where you are going and the dates.

  • The accommodations... are you staying in a vacation rental, a resort, hotel…Do people have to share rooms or do they get their own room?

  • How much is it and when is the money due?

  • Who all did you invite? Especially if it is a small group?

  • Are there pre planned activities (if there is a cost, let them know) leave some down time, so people can split off and do other things if they want to.


There you have it! The 4Ws of planning a drama free girl trip!


Your turn- What are some tips that you found that work when planning a drama free girls trip?


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